Jesus Is Coming Soon: Believers Say These 6 Signs Prove It’s True

Christians have been heartened since the beginning of the ministry of the apostles to believe Jesus is coming again and it will happen soon. Believers have pointed to political and world events for centuries as proof that the end was near.

While most mainline Christian denominations try to not point to specific world events as evidence that Jesus is coming soon, they focus on general signs that believers can figure out for themselves.

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Here are six signs that the faithful in modern times point to as reason to believe Jesus is coming soon.

An increase in natural disasters.
 Whether or not human contribution is to blame for global warming, some believers point to the increase in earthquakes and other natural disasters as proof that Jesus is coming soon. Mathew 24:7 and Luke 21:11 mention plagues, famines, and earthquakes as signs. WhatChristiansWantToKnow.compoints out the earthquake in Japan and ensuing tsunami as an example of these kinds of natural disasters.

The Internet. Some Christians who believe Jesus is coming soon point to the Internet and other technology as the sign prophesied in Daniel 12:4, which says “knowledge will increase.”  Lamb & Lion Ministries points to satellite television, robotics, and lasers as all signs that will help fulfill scriptural prophecies.

Increasing Lawlessness and Immorality. Billy Graham likens the current state of American morality to Sodom and Gomorrah. In a 2012 letter My Heart Aches for America, Graham pointed to “the downward spiral of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such as technology and sex,” as a sign of the deception Americans are accepting.

Growth of Islam. In Revelation 13:8, the Bible points to a single world religion. According to, the growth of Islam is evidence that Jesus is coming soon. It cites the faith as second only to Christianity in the number of adherents, and points out that the Islam’s prophecies point to a leader whose description is similar to the biblical Antichrist.

Israel. The website Rapture Ready outlines the belief that the restoration of Israel as a country in 1948 is a fulfillment of prophecyin Ezekial 38:8 that points to the restoration of Israel. Rapture Ready explains all of the wars in the Holy Land as evidence that Satan is trying to thwart God’s plan because he knows that Jesus is coming soon.

The European Union. Rapture Ready also points to the formation of the European Union as a fulfillment of prophecy. The site states “Europe will one day almost certainly be the heart of the Antichrist beast-system of governmental, economic, and religious control prophesied to engulf the world. It will also be at the heart of a false peace process that will initiate the tribulation, which will culminate at Armageddon.”