One world religion?

Catholicism is changing. God doesn’t change. The Bible is being edited. Words like fasting and sodomy are being removed from bibles. The Roman church is going to be a use your own judgement church. “Do what thou wilst” like the church of Satan. The Catholic Church will usher in the one world religion and Jesus’ sacrifice will no longer be relevant. This generation believes in many paths to God because Jesus said he is the only way and many reject him.  He sets boundaries which actually give you freedom and the world is rejects him. I spoke to a Catholic the other day and she does not believe Jesus is the only way but still professes to be Catholic.  She asked why would God make so many different religions and people to condemn them to hell? I said first off God can really do whatever he wants for his purpose because he is after all God. Second, religions are man made including Catholicism and Christianity. Jesus did not start a church he came to save us from Satan’s power and our sin nature. Churches are doubleminded. Lying to kids with santa and Easter bunnies.

Most so called Christian’s are miserable. They suffer because they have no faith. True faith is not worrying and being at peace because God is for you and not against you. Mourning and calling dead relatives angels or believing they watch over you is foolish. If your relatives are with God then they know no sorrow..therefore they can’t see you or hear your prayers. The Bible teaches the dead know nothing and the living know less.

Believing in the promise of the resurrection brings peace. It’s human to suffer but only until you get that a ha! Moment….I got mine and I pray you get yours…life is short stop up treasures for the teaching your kids truth and not corrupting them with filthy language, drugs and alcohol. Keep them humble and teach them not to be prideful. Teach them that the enemy is out for their souls and give them the full armor of God. Teach them to resist this one world system because it is coming and very soon.

The Saint