Origin of the word excruciating – first used to explain the pain Jesus suffered on the cross. Proof Jesus died for our sins!The word excruciating comes from Latin excruciare, from cruciare, to crucify. It means unbearably painful, or extreme agony. The word excruciating originates from crucifixion i.e. “a pain like the pain of crucifixion”. Crucifixion is the most painful torture ever invented. It was invented by the Persians in 300 BC, and perfected by the Romans in 100 BC. Jesus was crucified and after his crucifixion this word ”excruciating” mainly came into existence.

Physiological reflexes demanded deeper breaths. The body would become starved of oxygen with greater amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. It would result in tachycardia. Fluctuations in blood pressure and dehydration would lead to heart and lung failure.
Thus crucifixion was the most painful death that could ever be given to anyone. The process of inflicting such extreme pain became synonymous with crucifixion and adverse pain due to it started to be known as excruciating.